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  • Tahoon

    Tahoon is an attractive village having natural surroundings of mountains, forests and farmlands. One can view the panoramic beauty of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Machhapuchhare Mountains from this VDC. Hatti Lekh, Rambha forest, Bakumgadhi, Rimbha lekh, and Kaaude lekh are other natural attractions wi

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  • Siddhha Baba Temple
    Siddhha Baba Temple

    Sidhha baba Temple is one of the famous temples in Palpa district. It lies just 1 km from the border of Palpa and Rupandehi districts in Siddhartha Highway on th bank of Tinau River.

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  • Satyawati lake
    Satyawati lake

    To the south of Tansen and across the beautiful fertile valley of Madi there stands a majestic looking hill protecting the valley from the heat of the south. This hill is called Kaude Lekh. In the Kaude Lake range, near Satyawati village there is a sacred lake called 'satyawati Tal' at a height of 1

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  • Ridi

    Ridi lies at the confluence of a mountain stream called Ridi Khola and the river Kali Gandaki. There are many historic temples. Most famous of them is the temple of Rishikesh built by the 1st Palpa King Mukund Sen. On Maghe Sankranti, the festival in mid January; thousands of people visit here from

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  • Ranighat

    The then Commander in chief Khadga Shamsher, the governor of Palpa, had constructed a marvelous building on the bank of river Kaligandaki in the memory of his beloved queen Tej Kumari and established a holy place for pilgrims called Rani Ghat or Queen's confluence. The construction was started in 19

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  • Ramdi

    Situated on a bank of Kali Gandaki River Ramdi is regarded sacred for performing religious ceremonies and funeral rites. Ramdi is famous for cave temple also. People of surrounding villages offer milk to the cave, called Soongufa for the safety of their animals from wild animals.

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  • Rambhapani

    Rambhapani lies in the eastern part of the district about 30 km from Tansen just above Tahoo Bazar. According to the Hindu religious leterature, Rambha is the name of a fairy of heaven and "Pani" means water. The place got its name from the perennial fontain which springs here. The fountain is surro

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  • Prabhas/Parvas

    Prabhas/Parvas is the name of mythological place described in the great epic, Mahabharata where Yadu Bamsa, a clan to which Lord Krishna belonged, was destroyed in internal conflict. It is situated about 6 km south of Tansen, at the foot of the Shrinagar Hill.

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  • Madan Pokhara
    Madan Pokhara

    Madan Pokhara the adjoining site from the district head quarter Tansen, is highly prosperous village. The northern part is attached with the Tansen Municipality and is about only 7 Km down hill from the main center. The bowl shaped VDC encompasses the valley, mountains, forests and farmlands. The be

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